204 – 456 West Broadway, Vancouver BC V5Y 1R3

Phone: 604-875-0188   Fax: 604-875-9227

Toll Free: 1-800-663-1278   TTY:  604-875-8835

Email: feedback@bccpd.bc.ca   Website: www.bccpd.bc.ca

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm    

Membership fee: $15.00 per year

Mission Statement:

For over 35 years, the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities (BCCPD) has been a provincial, cross-disability voice in the community.

Our mission is to support people, regardless of their disability, to live with dignity, independence and as equal and full participants in society.

We champion issues impacting the lives of people with disabilities through our direct services, community partnerships, advocacy, research and publications.

Programs & Services:

  • Advocacy Access Program:  

BC Coalition of People with Disabilities, #204 – 456 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1R3

Phone: 604-872-1278 TTY: 604-875-8835 Fax: 604-875-9227

Toll Free: 1-800-663-1278)   Email: feedback@bccpd.bc.ca  Website: www.bccpd.bc.ca

Hours:  Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Programs & Services:

Our program works to secure the necessary income supports for people with disabilities to live with dignity and independence. Our program assists clients to:

  • Apply for and appeal the denial of provincial and federal (CPP-D) benefits
  • Obtain the health goods and services attached to disability benefits
  • Understand the rules about asset and earnings exemptions
  • Access and obtain information on subsidized housing

We also:

  • Provide information and referrals and workshops on disability benefits
  • Facilitate 2 pro bono legal clinics and a pro bono social worker who visits our office at least once a week
  • AIDS and Disability Action Program (ADAP):

An education program that reaches out to all disability communities.  The program provides specialized educational materials on HIV/AIDS for people with a variety of disabilities, raises awareness about AIDS as a disability and works in collaboration with HIV/AIDS organizations on issues of common concern.  Under ADAP, there are two other initiatives:

  • Wellness and Disability Initiative (WDI):

WDI offers health and wellness information in plain language and alternative formats.  Our Resource Centre helps people to learn how to live well, prevent illness and manage health issues.  Services include a research and reference service, an in-house library and a web site.

  • Health Literacy Network (HLN):

HLN links disability and other community groups, individuals and health care workers to raise awareness and increase access to health information.

  • Community and Residents Mentors Association Project (CARMA):

CARMA works with residents and staff of the George Pearson Centre. Through peer support it provides opportunities for collaboration between people with disabilities and service providers, and evaluates and conducts research on the impact of peer mentoring on clients’ quality of life.

  • Transition Magazine: Yearly subscription: $15.00 (4 issues)

Transition is an informative publication covering a broad range of issues of interest to people with disabilities, their families and caregivers, professionals and the general public.

  • Farmers on 57th:

Farmers on 57th is an urban farm project at a long-term care facility for people with disabilities. The gardens promote health, beauty, community connection and provide organic food for residents.

Programs & Services:

  • Emergency Preparedness Program

Our Emergency Preparedness Project works collaboratively with a broad network of disability organizations, people with disabilities, and the emergency management sector.  We publish reports, present workshops, and are working on a national project with volunteer Canada.