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Quest and Options Community Inclusion Programs

Beaufort Association Day Programs are based on the following core values;

Choice –
We view choice as the expression of growing autonomy in both small, everyday decisions and large life-defining matters. Personal choice defines and expresses individual ability. Valuable activities increase the variety and significance of the choices a person makes.

Competence –
Developing competence through the experience of growing abilities and skills in the performance of functional and meaningful activities, with whatever assistance is required. Valued activities will increase a person’s power to define and pursue objectives which are personally and socially important to them.

Respect –
Respect is the experience of having a valued place among a network of people and valued roles in community life. Valuable activities will challenge limited, negative stereotypes about a person and provide access to valued roles.

Community Presence –
We make opportunities to share the varied and ordinary places that define community life. Valuable activities increase the number and variety of ordinary places that a person knows and can use.

Experiential learning provides the individual with a concrete example that can be used to review, reflect and derive conclusions about the activity. This also creates an ‘experience base’ for future choices. Program planning involves the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities, that can be used to connect to others in our community. Having first hand knowledge to share, enhances our profile and increases our perceived value.

Having ‘experiences’ often requires money that is not always readily available. This is the impetus for supporting individuals to have paid work. This, in turn, helps to impress the value of money and what it will buy, and so budgeting becomes an important skill, spending choices need to be made, priorities established.



Pet Treat Bakery is wholly owned by the Beaufort Association and is operated as a Social Enterprise business. It’s purposes are three-fold:

  • to manufacture and sell high quality, all natural pet treats
  • to operate in an environmentally sustainable way, supporting local farms and food producers, and
  • to provide customized, paid employment for adults who live with a developmental or other disability


Employees of Pet Treat Bakery are people who live with the challenge of disability. They are skilled people who are highly motivated, hard working and committed to producing a high quality, healthy product. They are pet lovers, too.



We use only high quality Canada Grade A meats for our dehydration products. Our chicken product is sourced from the Fraser Valley, and only grain fed, free run chicken is used. Our pork products, liver and ears, are from ‘high health’ pigs of Tannadice Farms in the Comox Valley as available. Beef and Bison products are made from locally raised animals (Vancouver Island) whenever available, before going to wider markets in British Columbia. We are committed to developing and using locally produced raw products and continually review suppliers for the highest quality meats available.

Litterbusters: an environmental cleanup service that contracts with municipal and regional government.  We contract with local municipal government to provide roadside and trail maintenance. Our paid crew members comb the highways and byways to clear debris and recyclables helping to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone.