1575 Military Row, 19 Wing Fitness & Community Centre

PO Box 310, Lazo BC V0R 2K0

Phone: 250-339-8290   Fax: 250-339-8199  Toll Free: 1-888-246-0222  

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Other Resources:

19 Wing Mental Health Department: 250-339-8148

19 Wing Financial Counsellor (SISIP Financial Services): 250-339-5942

19 Wing Chaplains:  250-339-8211: Protestant – local 8273 / Catholic – local 8274

After hours the Duty Chaplain can be paged through Wing Ops at 250-339-8231

Military Police:  250-339-8218

DND Help Line (harassment & sexual assault): 1-800-290-1019

Ligne de secours du DND: 1-800-290-0893

Mission Statement:

To support the unique lifestyle of the modern military family.

Population Served:

19 Wing military members and their families. A limited number of Comox MFRC workshops are open to the general public on a space-available basis.

Programs & Services:

Kinnikinnik Licensed Childcare Centre

250-339-8211 local 7232

Kinnikinnik Childcare Centre and 19 Wing Family Centre provides childcare for children from infancy to age 5. Full-time spaces are offered in Infant and Toddler Care (4 months–35 months) and the Early Learning Program (30 months–5 years).

Counselling Services

250-339-8211 local 7128

Comox MFRC Counselling Services provides crisis and short-term counselling, assessment and referral, along with prevention programs for the military family. Free and confidential.


Emergency Family Care Assistance

Emergencies can happen at any time and leave military families in a crisis situation. In times of crisis, normal levels of support may not be sufficient. The Emergency Family Care Assistance (EFCA) policy aims to provide families with an avenue of support for when emergencies strike.

If you are experiencing an emergency situation and require support (e.g. emergency child care, mental health support, family care, etc.), contact either the Family Information Line (FIL) at 1-800-866-4546 or your local MFRC and speak to one of our representatives.

To arrange emergency family care Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm, ask to speak to the Emergency Child Care Coordinator 250-339-8211 local 7239. After hours and holidays call Wing Operations at 250-339-8231 and ask them to page the Duty Chaplin.

Family Liaison Officer

250-339-8211 local 7128

The Family Liaison Officer (FLO) provides counselling and support services to families of CAF personnel coping with illness, injury and/or exceptional needs. The FLO also supports families in times of grief due to the death of the military member. Co-located at the MFRC and CAF Transition Centre in Comox, the FLO supports the family by responding to family needs, advocating on their behalf and assisting in the navigation of, and access to, relevant programs and services. The FLO offers supportive counselling to family members in crisis, short-term counselling, navigating the transition into civilian life, psycho-educational programming and acts as a referral agent.

Family Separation and Reunion (Deployment) Services

250-339-8211 local 8310

We provide a variety of services and activities to assist CAF families coping with the impact of work-related separations. We can offer support to whoever the member designates or individual family members who self-identify. This support extends to immediate family living in the local area, as well as those who may reside elsewhere in Canada. Our services are voluntary and confidential.

Second Language Training

The Second Language Services department offers a variety of formal and informal training, designed to help military families integrate into their new surroundings by either learning the local language or increasing their proficiency. Study options include online self-directed study, tutor-led courses, Conversation Clubs, Homework Help, as well as access to a Second Language Training Resource Lending Library.


Second Language Programs

250-339-8211 local 6656

Other programs and services include FrancoFUN, a monthly activity offered in French, as well as a lending library of printed material, games and puzzles, for children and adults alike, in both English and French.

Family Information Line:

1-800-866-4546 (bilingual service)

Loved ones of Canadian Forces members can contact the Family Information Line (FIL) for any support your family may need as a result of the unique nature of military life. The FIL offers confidential, personal and bilingual assistance. Counsellors can help your family obtain information, and provide reassurance, support, and referral to the various services offered to CF families.

CF Member Assistance Program

1-800-268-7708 (bilingual service)

This is a 24-hour confidential hotline for military members & their families. The counsellors are there to assist people in distress and to offer counselling.  Everything discussed with a counsellor is confidential. If required they can also refer to counsellors and/or other services in the local area.

CAFKIDS crisis texting service for kids of CAF families

Text CAFKIDS to 686868

Kids Help Phone with enhanced understanding of the military family lifestyle.

Strongest Families Institute


CAF members, Veterans and their immediate family can access free, bilingual, programs for children, youth, adults and their caregivers via telephone and video coaching.

Family Navigator Website (for Military Families with special needs and responsibilities).

The national ‘Family Navigator’ website ( provides local, regional and national service information to families caring for children with a variety of special needs, supporting or caring for an elderly or unwell parent, and those who are health planning with a military spouse who has a complex health concern. This website is designed to assist those who require extra support.