Ministry of the Attorney General

Victoria Client Office

Box 9216, Victoria, BC V8W 9J1

Phone: 250-220-4040   Fax: 250-220-4050

Toll Free (Client Office): 1-800-663-3455


Programs & Services:

  • We help families and children entitled to maintenance (child support and spousal support) under maintenance orders or agreements.
  • We receive payments from the person required to pay maintenance (the payor) and send the money to the person entitled to maintenance (the recipient).
  • In many cases, the payor makes payments voluntarily, but FMEP will take steps to collect the outstanding maintenance if necessary.
  • Monitors and enforces child support orders and filed divorce or separation agreements.  To enroll, call, write (the above address) or visit the website.  If you are on Social Assistance, the Ministry of Social Development will help you enroll.