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Toll Free Survivors Line: 1-800-721-0066 

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We at Indian Residential School Survivor Society (IRSSS) strive to provide physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth, development and healing through culturally based values and guiding principles for Survivors, Families and Communities.

Mandate Of IRSSS:

To assist First Nation Peoples in British Columbia to recognize and be holistically empowered from the primary and generational effect of the residential schools by supporting research, education, awareness, establishing partnerships and advocating for justice and healing. The Society assists survivors with counselling, court support, information, referrals, workshops and more.

Programs & Services:

  • Supports survivors: crisis counselling, court support, information, referrals
  • Assists communities to help survivors: partnerships, training & education workshops
  • Raises awareness of residential school issues: contact with the media; conferences
  • Supports & conducts research: history and effects of residential schools
  • Advocates for justice and healing: traditional and non-aboriginal forms
  • Services for Survivors and Intergenerational Survivors:
    • Crisis counselling
    • Grief and Loss counselling
    • Trauma counseling
    • Clinical Therapy
    • Art Therapy
    • Alternative healing therapy
    • Energy Healing
    • Emotional support for people in the settlement process
    • Family and Group counseling
    • Basic Life Skills Coach
    • Educational workshops on a broad range of health issues
    • Traditional Healing Methods & Medicines
    • Traditional Foods Sourcing & Preparation
  • Resolution Health Support Worker Services:
    • Preparation & Support for Claim Hearing
    • Emotional Support to Claimants Through Hearing Process
    • Emotional Support at TRC & Regional Events
    • Assistance with Self-care Preparation
    • Educational Seminars & Workshops to raise awareness about the History and continuing Issues from Residential School.
    • Community based workshops on Grief & Loss, Suicide Prevention etc.
    • Truth and Reconciliation Events –support
  • Elders Cultural Support Team Services:
    • Smudging
    • Language
    • Sweat Lodges
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Long House
    • Translating
    • Traditional Medicines & Therapies
    • Traditions & Protocol
    • Healing & Sharing Circles
    • Hollistic Wellness Plans
    • Elders Support Network: In addition to the spiritual and cultural workshops and counseling services provided by our elders support team, they are active in the community providing guidance and support to clients who are involved in the IAP and NSP processes.