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Veterans Affairs Canada is here to serve those who have served Canada. Following your service, we want to help you be as healthy and independent as possible. There is a wide range of services and benefits available, and our goal is to make sure you know your options and help you make the best choices for you and your family.

Veterans Affairs Canada serves qualified:

  • Veterans;
  • Canadian Forces (CF) members;
  • serving and discharged members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) ;
  • certain civilians; and
  • their families.

When you first contact us, either in person, online or by phone, we will:

  • Provide you with more information about the services and benefits you may qualify for and how to apply for them;
  • Listen to the challenges you face or the changes in your life that are affecting you or your family, and work with you to put together a plan that best meets your needs; and
  • Help you become as independent as possible by helping you make choices about the services and benefits available to you from the Government of Canada, provincial and municipal governments and your community.

To respond to the demographic and health changes in our client population, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) has adopted a Client-Centered Service Approach that identifies individual client’s needs and then determines how best to provide assistance.

In a Client-Centered Service Approach:

  • the individual needs of the client are identified and then it is determined how best to provide assistance, through internal or a coordination of departmental and community resources;
  • a partnership exists between the client and the Department as demonstrated through direct client involvement in all aspects of their case planning decisions;
  • staff work with the client to meet all their needs, not just to determine their eligibility for Departmental services and benefits;
  • delivery of services with or without VAC benefits is legitimized.

To Contact Us: For more information about on services and benefits for Veterans, to find out if you qualify, or to apply, please click, call or visit us.



E-mail: (for security reasons, please do not send confidential information via e-mail).


If you have any questions about our services and benefits, please call us, toll free, at

1-866-522-2122 (English)

1-866-522-2022 (French)

If you are facing a more urgent personal situation, and want to talk to someone who can help, call the Veterans Affairs Canada 24-hour toll-free assistance line at:1-800-268-7708 or TDD 1-800-567-5803

Living outside of Canada or planning an extended stay outside of Canada?

Please call Foreign Countries Operations who is responsible for the provision of benefits and services available to eligible Canadian Veterans and their dependants who reside or vacation outside of Canada.

  • 1-888-996-2242 (toll free from Canada and the United States)
  • 00-800-996-22421 (toll free from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, or Belgium)
  • 1-613-996-2242 (call collect, all other countries)


Drop in to one of our many offices across Canada. To find the office or centre nearest you, visit

Visit one of the Integrated Personnel Support Centres (IPSCs)

Veterans Affairs Canada and the Department of National Defence work together through these offices on or near most CF bases to help ensure CF personnel, Veterans and their families are getting all the assistance they qualify to receive.

In British Columbia, there are IPSCs in Comox, Esquimalt, and Vancouver. Visit our Web site (keyword: “IPSC”) or call us to find an address.


There is an operational stress injury (OSI) clinic in Vancouver. To learn more, visit our Web site (keyword: “OSI Clinics”) or speak with your VAC case manager.

Other Inquiries:

Veterans Review and Appeal Board

Within Canada, please call toll-free:

1-800-450-8006 (English)

1-877-368-0859 (French)

Outside Canada, please call collect:

0-902-566-8751 (English)

0-902-566-8835 (French)

Web site:


Bureau of Pensions Advocates (BPA)

BPA Head Office and Appeals Unit

PO Box 7700

Charlottetown PE C1A 8M9

Phone: 1-877-228-2250 (toll free)

Office of the Veterans Ombudsman

Within Canada please call toll-free: 1-877-330-4343

Outside Canada, please call collect: 0-902-626-2919


Web site:

Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP)

Veterans Affairs Canada – ATIP office

PO Box 7700

Charlottetown PE C1A 8M9

Phone: 1-877-566-8609 (toll free)


Commemoration Public Information and Learning Resources

Phone: 1-877-604-8469 (toll free)