Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA)

1125 Pembroke Street, Victoria, BC V8T 1J3 / Intake: 1250 Quadra St., Victoria, BC, V8W 2K7

Phone: 250-213-4444   Fax: 250-213-4445

Withdrawal Management Services encompasses five services for people in different stages of alcohol and drug recovery.

Programs & Services:

  • The Sobering and Assessment Centre: a 20-bed facility, offering shelter and assessment of inebriated clients for less than 24 hours.

Access to this service is through any of the following methods:

police referral, hospital referral or client walk-in to the address above or 250-213-4441

  • The Community Medical Detox Unit: a 21-bed, short-term stay unit (approximately seven days) for acute medical withdrawal. 

Access to this service requires a physician or community service provider referral faxed to Withdrawal Management Services Central Intake at 250.213.4445 or self-refer at Pembroke office.

  • Pembroke Place Stabilization Unit: a 17-bed mid-term stay (up to 30 days) for stabilization and reconnection with community resources. 

Access to this service requires a referral from an addictions counsellor faxed to Withdrawal Management Services Central Intake at 250-213-4445

  • Recovery Addiction Support: a flexible day program for clients new to recovery.  The program runs seven days per week and offers daily psychoeducational groups and complementary therapies.

Access to this service can be made by various professionals, community partners and individual clients by contacting Withdrawal Management Services Central at 250-213-4444 or 250-213-3259 to initiate a referral.